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Bid IDBid Title AdministrationSectorBid DeadlineAwarded Contractor
2-082922Public Tender for the execution of restoration and rehabilitation works of a hangar and facilities ...
Public Transportation 2022-08-29
4-082622Public Tender to provide electricity services within the former scope of Zahle concession ...
Energy & Water 2022-08-26
9-081022Re-announcement of bid for Purchase of Farmed Fish Feed ...
Agriculture 2022-08-10
11-082322Re-announcing a Public Tender by sealed envelope for on-demand repairs on large pipes for 2022 ...
Energy & Water 2022-08-23
12-081522A public tender for the recruitment of manpower ...
Public Transportation 2022-08-15
13-081022Re-awarding an auction in order to sell (19) used vehicles belonging to the Directorate General ...
Other & Not Specified 2022-08-10
14-111822Request for Proposals for a consultant to help manage the service providers' distribution project ...
Energy & Water 2022-11-18
17-111822Request for Proposals to carry out maintenance work on the firefighting system in the Zouk ...
Energy & Water 2022-11-18
18-111822Request of proposals to purchase chemicals for production plants ...
Energy & Water 2022-11-18
19-092322Request of Proposals to manage medical and hospital needs for current and retired staff and ...
Energy & Water, Health 2022-09-23 GlobeMed Lebanon
20-102722Construction of a fishermen’s harbor in Minieh-Denniyeh ...
Construction 2022-10-27
22-083122Al Mina Municipality announcement about a public auction to sell 1) around 25 tons ...
Other & Not Specified 2022-08-31
23-082922Public Auction to Sell 5 Hawker Hunter Aircraft and their Spare Parts ...
Security 2022-08-29
24-081822Public Auction to Sell a Bobcat Owned by the Municipality ...
Local Administrations 2022-08-18
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